Yin Yoga’s intention is to teach yoga in an engaging atmosphere that is customized to an individuals or groups health goals.

Everyone, at any level, can enjoy the health benefits of yoga: increasing productivity, flexibility, posture, cardiovascular health, concentration as well as reduced stress and anxiety leading to a balanced life.


Practicing in Orange County, CA Wendy teaches at South Coast Dance Conservatory, LA Fitness and a Seated Restorative class with meditation at home.

Wendy offers private and corporate yoga classes, hosts yoga events and workshops and is committed to increasing wellness throughout the community.

With an understanding of anatomy and physiology, Wendy is able to watch students and listen to their stories, tailoring postures around their bodies mechanics. She believes that skeletal alignment leads to increased cognitive and internal health. Using demonstration, alignment cues and gentle hands-on correction to guide students into a positive outcome.

  • 200 Hour RYS Power Yoga Teacher Training

  • 200 Hour RYS Hot Power Fusion Teacher Training

  • Extensions Teacher Training Alignment and Adjustment

  • Core Restore Teacher Training


ri-ˈstȯr | verb | to bring back to a state of health, soundness, or vigor.


ə-ˈlīn | verb | to be in or come into precise adjustment or correct relative position.


ba-lən(t)s | noun | mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior and judgement.

I was stressed, overworked, and run down.  I needed a break and time to recharge.  I called Wendy and scheduled a private resortive yoga session in my home.
A few days later, she was at my front door with a smile on her face.  Within minutes she had turned my room into a sanctuary! Yoga mats, blocks, blankets, pillows and essential oils.  As we began, I was breathing into the movements and able to relax; and by the end of the hour I could physically feel the stress leaving my body.  Part of it was her presence, part of it was her thoughtful approach to movement and alignment. After she left, I felt energized and ready to take on my week.  She even taught me a few moves to do throughout the week when I was feeling stressed.  Needless to say I booked multiple in-home sessions with her, as well as began attending her group classes.  She is truly best in class!


Wendy guides with patience and grace all levels of her students to find inner peace in her yoga practice. Not only does she demonstrate proper form for each posture, Wendy draws the student’s attention inward to set an intention for themselves. She helps align and balance our bodies and her classes nourish our mind and spirit.


Having the flexibility of Yin Yoga’s service available to meet my busy schedule has helped me maintain a workout plan that works right in with my weekly tasks. Wendy comes to my office and provides a much needed break from the day to day that leave me rejuvenated and ready to take on more. Thanks Wendy!